July 31st, 2019


To Our Valued Customer,


We would like to thank you for the support that you, our loyal customer, have shown Central Washington Concrete (CWC). Our ongoing commitment to you is to be a valued, long-term, strategic business partner.

It has come to our attention that fiber products are being added on jobsites by our customers and not through our batch plant facilities. CWC is incurring additional costs in truck time due to additional clean up to our ready mix trucks and additional costs disposing of the fiber treated concrete.

The additional time of this cleanup and disposal is incorporated in our pricing structure for our fiber products that CWC supplies to cover these additional costs. The purchase of fiber treated concrete is still available at competitive prices for our customers to avoid a cleanup fee.


Effective August 1st the clean-up fee will be $35.00/truck when the ready mix truck is finished and returning from the jobsite.

From a quality standpoint CWC cannot guarantee or warrant any of our products that have additional products being added to our mixtures by a 2nd party.

Thank you for choosing Central Washington Concrete and your continued support Sincerely,

Jake Holt

Sales Manager (Central Washington)
Central Washington Concrete